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What an Excitement !!! What an excellent competition it was….Congratulations to everyone who participated in Wisdom Cubes First Robotics Olympiad. We would like to thank all participants for their enthusiastic response to the challenge and the StemRobo crew for hosting the challenge and making sure everything went smoothly. Here we proudly announce our winners for Robotics competition

Paper Circuit:

1st Prize - Pranjal Dwivedi

2nd Prize - Ekaaksh Kankani

3rd Prize - Aditya priyesh

Sincere Effort Award - Vaibhav Srivastav

Building Blocks:

1st Prize - Atharv Tomar

2nd Prize- Naitik Kathuria

3rd Prize - Ishaan Bothra

Robo Hurdle

1st Prize - Ishaan Ahuja

2nd Prize - Lakshya Sakuja

3rd Prize - Achintya Goel

Smart Performer Trophy - Ojesh Srivastava

Robo War:

1st Prize - Kabir

Line follower Robot:

Spirit Performer Award - Umang Agarwal

Here is the link for All Olympiad Pictures


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