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Chess at Wisdom Cubes

*Coaching with the international rated player, won several Dist & National prizes

*Trained students who have won the district, National and international titles in chess.

*Twice / Once in a week option available

*Small / Single-digit batch on the basis of the level of student

*Focus on each student

*Regular assessment, Monthly quiz Competition

*Chances to participate in regular chess tournaments


Wisdom Cubes has a team of experienced professional chess teachers, all certified FIDE rated players, and trainers. We are dedicated to providing the best quality chess education for our students. We integrate lessons on openings, tactics, end games, strategy, tournament skills and sportsmanship. We offer group and private lessons for all levels and ages. We are offering online lessons and practice chess tournaments for all levels & ages. During the school year, students are assigned homework and are challenged by competing with each other by solving chess puzzles in group classes, helping them to improve rapidly. Here are level-wise program

Gift your child a new skill, please call to book FREE trial class.



This chess course is intended for beginners who are fresh to the game. The fundamentals & basics are introduced over a course of 3 months to allow the student to meet with the outcomes. At the end of the beginners course, every student should be able to play a complete game without any illegal moves, and have a basic sense of strategical thinking & approach towards Chess. A sense of decision making & calculation technique's are also learned.



This chess course is intended for intermediate players who are looking to improve their chess skills by sharpening their strategical thinking & tactics. The inaccuracies, blunders & mistakes are greatly reduced through carefully selected topics that teach a student the disciplines of applying accurate techniques. At the end of the intermediate's course, a student would be able to calculate several variations ahead (typically 2-3 moves) and identify the different patterns, threats & variations that help decision making.

Advanced Chess.jpg


This chess course is intended or advanced players who are planning to participate in FIDE Rated chess tournaments across India, at the state or national level. The depth of this course focuses on Grandmaster (GM) techniques and advanced tactics spotting methods. The lessons are carefully designed by FIDE Rated Chess Coaches to deliver the right kind of chess material. The goal is to help a student who is serious about chess play tournaments competitively and strive for higher ratings. The biggest difference at this stage will be the tremendous increase in patience and concentration.

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