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About Wisdom Cubes

Wisdom Cubes runs premier educational programs providing parallel education to school students from grade 5th to 12th. Its unique enrichment programs are ingeniously designed to ensure both academic excellence and world readiness. Wisdom cubes uses learning approaches that go beyond exams and inculcates leadership, smart thinking and creative skills. Its programs are specifically designed to foster motivation and confidence while teaching students accurate and proper skills to achieve exemplary grades.


At Wisdom Cubes, academic coaching is rendered to children to help them in learning strategies. Children are motivated to develop a more organized approach to learning and schoolwork, Wisdom Cues understands the importance of active thinking and its application in a child's learning process and growth. Students at Wisdom Cubes are taught to think actively about what they are learning, so that they develop a better understanding of the subject. We promote student reflection and critical thinking and individualize their learning experiences.                                                                  

Salient Features

* Small batch sizes with individual and personalized attention.

* Effective structured academic curriculum.

* Trained, certified, experienced, and outstanding faculty.

* Standardized materials and teaching methodology.

* Emphasis on concept clarity.

* Focus on developing analytical and logical skills.

* Build and boost self-confidence.

* Periodic multiple levels of evaluation.

* Healthy competitive environment.

* Active feedback mechanism.

* Marked improvement in academics with better retention;recall.

Our Methodology

* Revision of concepts from the previous class - to strengthen the foundation.

* Introduction to each chapter-to initiate and retain interest.

* Interactive presentation of concepts by a child- to adept the syllabus knowledge.

* Worksheets/Practice sessions- to impart practical knowledge.

* Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) - for concept retention.

* Periodic assignments and tests- to boost confidence on the subject(s).

* Early course completion from NCERT - to have multiple round of revision & Mock test series for concepts stabilization.

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