Robotics in Wisdom Cubes

Children are filled with curiosity, desire to discover and tons of creative potential that is waiting to be tapped and nurtured. Experience the science and technology through the fun way of robotics. Wisdom Cubes is excited to have partnership with Stemrobo Technologies for the Robotics classes from 2nd to 12th grade. Stemrobo’s offering are


  • Gaming App Development

  • Learning With Electronic DIY Kit Model

  • PBL Project Base Learning

  • Drone Making

  • Fun With Programming PBL Project Base Learning

  • Industrial visit & workshop session on


  • What are drones?

  • Types of multirotor.

  • Research done in history to make flying machine.

  • Types of drones exist in industry.

  • Explanation of each part of drone.

  • Explanation of Sensors and Gps connection in drones.

  • How drone take turns left, right, forward and backward?

  • Demo of flying drone.



  • Students learned basics of 3D printer, its Working, How to make 3D Designs on TinkerCad and Conversation of .STL files to G-Code using Cura.

  • Students also saw demo of working 3D printer.



  • Interaction with research & Development team.

  • Introduced with latest technology based sensors/Modules/kits and visited inventory department